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The Innovation Of Toothpicks

DATE:2020-07-02 16:03:58 FROM:

With the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, began to give birth to starch toothpicks. Starch toothpicks generally use corn starch, melon starch, mint preparation, white maw root preparation, Angelica preparation, alum, Sls alcohol, water, edible pigment as raw materials, the water warmed to the boiling point and the raw materials in proportion to stir and mix after placing in the extruder, in high temperature and high pressure extrusion into strips, with the natural temperature of the water spray washing, Place the spray-washed strip in the freezer, remove it after freezing for 24 hours under -21℃ conditions, then spray it with water at natural temperature, then place it in a drying equipment for 24-30 hours after drying in 35-40 ℃ conditions, and cut it into a short section of the length of the toothpick, After cutting the short section with the grinder grinding is the finished product.The finished toothpick has the characteristics of hard texture, no bifurcation, not easy to break, but also with the use of soluble in water as food, not only does not destroy trees, but also pollution-free to the environment, and has a health effect on the gums. This kind of toothpick soft and hard moderate, and non-toxic does not hurt people, a year can "save" under hundreds of thousands of acres of woods. During the two sessions, Park Whishen, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice president of Yanbian University School of Medicine, pulled out a few small white, transparent toothpicks to promote the use of starch made of environmental toothpicks.