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Waxed Dental Floss with Box

Dear Sir Or Purchasing Manager,Thank you for your time reading our waxed dental floss with box If you are intere

Dear Sir Or Purchasing Manager,

Thank you for your time reading our waxed dental floss with box. If you are interested in our products,just feel free to let us know,we can also offer OEM and ODM services.

Pls send mail to ultradent@cn-toothbrush.com, we will give you the feedback within 24 hours.



Strong tension and good flexibility

Light weight,convenient carrying and use.

Uniform thickness,clean and sanitary,smooth and flexible

Smooth dental flosser to clean teeth effectively

Use daily to reduce the risk of gingivitis

Type: Dental Floss

Shell Material: Plastic

Dental Floss Material: Polyester+Wax


Color: At random


How To Use:

Stretching the floss tight; move the floss back and forth and slide it slowly into the crevices between the teeth.

Slide the dental floss below the gum line into to scrape tartar out. Both sides should be cleaned using the same method.


Package Included:

1 x Dental Floss (color by random)

how to use waxed dental floss with box



Don't press the dental floss too hard on your gums, otherwise it may cause gum injury.

It's hard to floss the posterior tooth area, thus practice is highly recommended or use flosser as an aid for oral hygience.


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